You don't need a ton of tools or years of experience to build magazine worthy furniture.

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Meet the DIYer and Designer

I'm Zoe. I want to help you create a home you love without breaking your budget.

I've always had really expensive taste and was unwilling to compromise my style or go into debt to create the look I wanted. That stubborness lead me to discover the limitless possibilities of DIY. And don't think I'm a natural. Not too long ago, I was too afraid to use a hammer, let alone power tools. Now power tools are my therapy and how I create my dream home on a budget. So if you're scared to get started, don't worry. You can make amazing things too!

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The ONLY tools you need to DIY

The Essential Tools Roadmap will show you what tools you actually need to complete 95% of DIY projects, what each tool is used for, and the 3 tools you should start with.

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  • The 7 tools you need to complete 95% of DIY projects
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You don't need tons of expensive tools to build amazing things.
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