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Make these tassels to add to blankets, pillows, or turn it into a tassel garland! 

DIY yarn tassels hanging around stockings

Who doesn’t love a good tassel?? Whether it’s on a pillow, or a blanket, or a garland for a party, tassels always scream fun. This year I’m on a mission to make all new Christmas decor, for next to nothing. I needed to add some extra red and green and I couldn’t think of a better solution than some tassel garland! It’s fun and festive and inexpensive! 

Alright, let’s start DIYing!


What You’ll Need

How to Make a Tassel out of Yarn

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DIY yarn tassels and garland tutorial

Step 1: wrap the yarn

Wrap your yarn around your fingers 50 times. When you first grab the yarn, weave a piece behind your pinky finger. This will help it stay in place while you get going with the wrapping. Once you wrap your yarn fifty times, cut your yarn.

Note: If you have a ring on the hand that you’re wrapping your yarn around, I’d suggest you take it off so that your yarn doesn’t get caught on the ring.

wrapping yarn around hand

Step 2: cut a piece of yarn

Cut a piece of yarn that is about twice as long as your tassel. Weave it through the yarn on your hand. I found it easiest to weave the piece of yarn through while it was still wrapped around my hand and then I removed the yarn from my hand and tied a knot around it, but you can also remove the yarn from your hand first. Make sure the knot is as tight as you can get it.

Once you tie the knot, let the two strings fall in with the rest of your yarn.

DIY yarn tassel in progress

STEP 3: cut another piece

Cut another piece of yarn that is about twice as long as your tassel and place it on the table.

Smooth your yarn down so that there are no stray pieces of yarn poking up and then place it on top of the yarn you just cut.

Using the yarn you just cut, tie a knot around your pile of yarn. You can decide how large you want the bump at the top of the tassel to be–we liked keeping ours pretty minimal. Make sure the knot is as tight as you can get it. Pull the two pieces of yarn from the knot above the top of your tassel so that you don’t cut them in the next step.

tying yarn to make a tassel

Step 4: cut the loops

Cut the loops that are further from the knot you just tied.

Grab the bottom of the tassel and trim the end pieces until they are even.

trimming excess yarn with scissors

step 5: repeat

Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the desired number of pom poms.

Step 6: make a garland

Now we’ll make the yarn tassels into a tassel garland! To do this, simply tie a knot tightly around a spare piece of string. I would suggest double or triple knotting the tassel.

 Once your tassel is secure, cut the two pieces of yarn that you used to tie a knot around the string to be the same length as the other strings in your tassel.

For spacing, I would recommend getting an object that is the approximate spacing you want between tassels. Place it between tassels as you tie them on. The tassles will be able to move once you tie them on, but it’s nice to get the spacing right the first time!

attaching DIY tassels to a string to make a garland

There you have it: you made some awesome DIY tassels out of yarn! Now to figure out what to do with all of them. Sure, there’s the garland option, but you could also sew them to pillows or blankets for a fun detail!

If you liked this tutorial, check out our DIY pom pom garland tutorial. It’s very similar, but I have a secret trick to make sure your pom poms look nice and fluffy!

When you finish your garlands, be sure to tag us on Instagram(@craftedbythehunts)! We would love to see your photos and cheer you on!

how to make tassels out of yarn
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