3 Insanely Easy Ways to Overcome Your Fear of DIY

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So you’re thinking about starting your DIY journey? That’s awesome! We’re so glad you’re here and Let’s start off by acknowledging that this is coming from the girl who was too scared to use a hammer so she recruited a boy who lived below her to help her create some DIY string art.

Lucky for me, that boy turned into my husband, but obviously, I’m not a fearless person. And obviously, I overcame my fear of DIY at some point if I’m writing a whole blog dedicated to DIY projects!

This is meant to be an easy to implement guide to help you overcome your fear of DIY today. What I’m going to share is so simple that you should have no trouble implementing it. Let’s dive in so you can start DIYing too!

3 Insanely Easy Ways to Overcome Your Fear of DIY

1. Start Small

Rome wasn’t built in a day…or by a beginner! Start with a small project. Don’t try to tackle the world for your first go around. I recommend starting with something like our DIY shelves or DIY photo hanger.

These projects will introduce you to some tools, but don’t require any crazy techniques. If you’re especially afraid of power tools, the DIY photo hanger or DIY leather bench are great places to start. The photo hanger just requires a drill and the bench just needs a drill and staple gun!

If you start small, you’ll gain familiarity with a tool or two and will be able to build your skills from there. A small win will show you that you really can do it. I believe in you, but you need to believe in yourself before you can be a DIYer.

So start with a small project, and then try another project with an extra tool or skill and keep going from there until you’re confident and comfortable with the tools.

2. Tackle a Project With a Friend

If you need a confidence boost, tackle your first project or two with a friend. You can help each other and laugh through the experience as you figure everything out. You can also divide and conquer if needed. If you’re still not feeling confident enough to use a drill, your friend can take on the first few and give you some pointers to help you gain confidence.

3. just do it

The hardest part of anything is starting. You come up with endless excuses about why now isn’t the right time or why you can’t do it, but those excuses are just fear trying to control you. Don’t let fear win! Push all your excuses aside and take ownership.

Think of why you want to DIY. Is it to save money? To build memories? To create your dream home? Whatever the reason, it’s a good one and it’s worth giving DIY a shot. As my favorite fitness instructor says, “if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” So go get it and create the something you’ve never had but always wanted!

I’m not going to lie and tell you that DIY is always easy. In fact, failure is a part of the DIY process. Seriously. We fail or make a mistake at some point during every project, but it’s always worth it. When you hit a roadblock, keep going! It happens to everyone. It’s not because of your lack of ability–it’s just part of the process. Keep going until you have the finished project you wanted. Trust me, if you get that far, you’ll be hooked ?

how to start DIY-ing when you don't know where to begin

How to Overcome Your Fear of DIY

Now you know the three very easy secrets to conquering your fear of DIY! Start small, tackle a project with a friend, and most importantly, just do it .

I told you the tips were simple. And like I said before, the hardest part is bringing yourself to actually start. So I want to challenge you to finalize what project you want to start with and commit to completing that project this weekend!

If you need anything (even encouragement), send me a message on  Instagram. I’d love to talk with you!

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