10 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal (in less than a day!)

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This post was sponsored by Woodgrain Doors. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links, which means if you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I might earn a small commission.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or make your home more inviting, increasing curb appeal is a great opportunity for any homeowner. Despite what TV and magazines might have you believe, a complete structural transformation isn’t the only option.

There are countless ways to make the front of your house look good that you can complete in as little as a couple of hours. Let’s dive in!

1. Up your landscaping game

close up of red mums

No, you don’t have to hire a professional lawn care company to maintain an immaculate yard. Simple things like adding window boxes, new flowers, or a fresh layer of mulch will do the trick. If you aren’t up for playing with the worms, you can simply add some potted plants to your porch or steps to bring some life into the space.

2. Update your house numbers

Whether you love the clean, modern look or a more traditional style, updating your house numbers is a great way to infuse your personality into the outside of your home.

You can even go beyond just replacing the numbers by creating a house number sign. Personally, I’m a big fan of putting the house numbers on a pretty cedar plank!

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3. Get a welcome mat that shows off your personality

hope you brought wine doormat

Classy, sassy, dog-lover…whoever you might be, get (or paint) a doormat that reflects something you love. Your home is meant to be a reflection of you and a doormat is the perfect place to start.

Pro tip: you can add an outdoor rug underneath your welcome mat for even more style.

4. Focus on your front door

Your front door is the gateway to your home. It sets the tone and welcomes people into your space. Never underestimate the difference doors can make. Recently my mom swapped out her builder-grade doors with something she had always dreamed of: real wood doors.

Woodgrain Doors style 515 in Mahogany wood with #42 clear glass
Woodgrain Doors style 515 in Mahogany wood with #42 clear glass

The visible transformation is stunning, but is my mom’s outlook. Rather than feeling underwhelmed when she arrives home, she’s taken back to the streets of Italy that were filled with similar-style beautiful wood doors.

These stunning doors are from Woodgrain and are just one of hundreds of possibilities. They have countless designs, wood types, and glass options available for you to choose from! Find a Woodgrain dealer near you.

If new doors aren’t in your budget right now, you swap out your dated door hardware with something that matches your style for an instant upgrade. Adding a pop of color by painting your existing front door is also a great way to make your home more inviting on a budget.

5. Give your garage door a new life

Speaking of doors, let’s also not forget about the big ol’ garage door. Since most houses have garage doors that face the street, they account for a lot of your home’s curb appeal.

Luckily there are a handful of upgrade options that won’t break the bank. You can gel stain them to look like wood, you can paint them a new color (maybe black or gray), or you can simply add some hardware to dress them up a bit!

6. Add some seating

porch swing with white cushion and blue pillow

If you have a little extra room on your front porch, add a chair, bench, or porch swing! Having a place to sit down instantly makes your home look more inviting…and lived in. Have you ever walked by a house that has absolutely nothing on their porch? No mat, no chair, no wreath, nothing? It makes it feel almost like the house is abandoned and that’s not good for curb appeal.

7. Light it up

When the sun goes down, your curb appeal doesn’t have to disappear with it. Adding some simple path lighting along your walkway to your front door will go a long way in making your home look inviting and lived in, even at night.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can even invest in some uplighting to shine on your home through the night.

8. Spiders be gone

Break out the pressure washer and give your home a nice clean. From the patio to the windows, spray everything down so that it’s nice and clean again. Without even noticing it, your home collects dust and cobwebs and all sorts of dirt. Spending a few hours spraying it all down will leave it feeling, and looking, brand new.

9. Hang a wreath

winter wreath with gold metal hoops

A wreath is a great way to dress up any front porch. You can stick with a simple wreath that works in any season, or rotate between a few seasonal ones. We love to make our own wreaths to get a custom design.

10. Got mail(box)? Update it!

Spray paint it black for a quick refresh or make yours a statement by painting something a little more personal. You can also wrap the base with bricks or cedar planks for a more substantial upgrade.

Takeaways to increase curb appeal

If you want to increase curb appeal, there are countless ways to do it that don’t have to cost a fortune.

To sum up, here are our favorite ways to increase curb appeal:

  1. Up your landscaping game
  2. Update your house numbers
  3. Get a welcome mat that shows off your personality
  4. Focus on your front door
  5. Give your garage door a new life
  6. Add some seating
  7. Light it up
  8. Spiders be gone
  9. Hang a wreath
  10. Got mail(box)? Update it!

There you have it! Whether you tackle one, two, or all of the ideas, the front of your house is going to look so good. Don’t be overwhelmed by the long list, pick your favorite idea (or the easiest) and start there. Even small, inexpensive changes will make a huge difference in boosting the curb appeal of your home.

I will say, out of each of the ideas listed, focusing on the front door is definitely my favorite. It’s amazing the difference a door can make. It can take your home from builder-grade to looking expensive and custom! 

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